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Tuesday  - P.E.
Wednesday  - Homework In
Friday - Spelling Test, Homework Out, Spellings Out

Lenten Fundraising



1T have been having fun learning all about algorithms.  Here they are making worlds for their Beebots.

Year 1 Plants Assembly 7th March

There was an Old Woman who.....


Remember that rhyme?  This week, Year One will be doing some reading and writing around the Book 'The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly'. Perhaps you could learn it at home?  We're looking forward to discovering what other strange things the Old Woman has swallowed!


The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly

The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly 1

Wonderful Writing


It's wonderful to see some lovely writing starting to come through in Year One.  The children are working hard to:
Apply the pre-cursive style.
Start at the beginning of the line, and writing to the end.
Say their sentences before they write them.

Read their sentences back to ensure they make sense.
Segment their words for spelling e.g. m-ea-t.

Well done 1T, you're all working SO hard - keep it up!

Here is an example of some of the fantastic writing that is happening in 1T.




All about Bob

All about Bob 1



We have been learning about tens and ones this week in Year One as we increase our number knowledge up to 20!  The children have been using groups of tens and ones, and number lines to identify one more and one less.  We go down the number line for one less and up for one more!  Counting is lots of fun.  Perhaps you can practise at home too?

The Moon Zoom fun continues with Arty Alien Fun


1T had a great time this week with our regular artist, who helped the children to create some awesome aliens, come up with a new extra-terrestrial language and create some super-cool Martian dances.  The children were thrilled to discover more space facts and take part in all the fun! Come back soon Alien Scott! 


5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

1T had great fun this week, when we all dressed up in space-themed outfits and enjoyed some spacey fun!  The children really enjoyed getting messy as they mixed together moon dust and alien goo to make moon dough.  They built some amazing NASA-worthy rockets, which developed their team-work skills, as they discovered four hands are better than two!  The costumes were truly out of this world, and the year one team were thoroughly impressed with the effort that was made. 

This week we have also been researching Neil Armstrong, and discovering interesting facts about his childhood.  The children were impressed with how brave he was through his various pilot roles. 


A new homework grid has been sent home so the children can tackle some of the activities relating to our new topic.  NEXT WEEK..we will be doing some exciting Moon Zoom art work, when our fantastic Art Teacher comes in for the afternoon - Keep your eyes peeled for some of their creations. It will be an exciting term ahead! 


Welcome to Class 1T. We are a class of 28 children working with Mrs Tait, Mrs Cronin, Mrs Smith and Miss Atkins.  We have settled in really well and our routines are starting to embed.  In the morning, the children are responsible for:

  • putting their reading diaries in the box
  • putting their drinks in the box
  • putting their book bags away
  • hanging their coats up

As well as other roles and responsibilities they have been given.


As the children are now Year 1 we are encouraging them to try and be a bit more independent and to think about what they can do themselves to prepare for the school day. Please could you help us by checking that we always have our correct uniform, drink bottle and reading bag, filled with our reading book, diary and spelling list every day? 


We have been working extremely hard on our topic 'Marvellous Me', we have completed our portraits which are on display in the classroom. Please look at our Curriculum Overview Sheet on the website so you can have as much information as possible about upcoming topics.  We are looking forward to our first trip of the year to the Barber Institute, which is in October.

Our class Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi. We will be learning all about his life and why he is such a special Saint for us. 


We would like to extend a warm invitation to any parents, or family members, who could perhaps volunteer some time to help us in class. This would be very appreciated in terms of hearing our children read, walking us up to church when we have Mass, or to come on trips with us. Perhaps you love craft/art or have another skill that would be us full to our learning? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tait. A huge thank you to those parents who are already volunteering!

If you have any questions or queries, please come an talk to one of the team. We look forward to sharing our special Year 1 journey with you. 

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